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From private 5G to the public network – and back again

Developments in digital connectivity and artificial intelligence are poised to bring sweeping productivity improvements across multiple industry sectors. How? By making machines smart.

This is the promise associated with Industry 4.0. It’s a world in which every device, sensor and machine can be programmed to make decisions for maximum efficiency – and many more devices are connected to each other.

Clearly, this Industrial Internet of Things can’t happen without fast and reliable connectivity that can extend to even the remotest locations. 5G provides it. 5G also provides the ability for network slicing, and it offers something new to enterprises: the ability to run their own fast and secure wireless mini-networks. Interested organisations can either licence spectrum from carriers or they can apply for their own allocation.

Of course, private 5G does not exist in a vacuum. As enterprises deploy it, they will need to make 5G work alongside other connectivity options, including 4G and WiFi.

This whitepaper does a deep dive into the immense potential of the 5G-powered Industrial IoT and show how enterprises can successfully manage their smart devices across multiple connectivity channels.

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