Flurry: apps set to challenge TV for media consumption

Flurry: apps set to challenge TV for media consumption

06 DEC 2012

Flurry said that the average time spent by US consumers using mobile apps increased by 35 percent to 127 minutes per day, from 94 minutes in December 2011, as apps become a more popular way to consume content.

The time spent browsing the web fell by 2.4 percent to 70 minutes (from 72 minutes).

This means that users are spending 1.8x more time using apps than they are using the web, indicating how usage patterns have shifted in recent years.

According to the company, on average 168 minutes are spent per day watching the television.

With apps already reaching 76 percent of this total, Flurry said that it “ultimately expects apps on tablets and smartphones to challenge broadcast television as the dominant channel for media consumption”.

This is even more notable when taking into account the fact that apps are “just over four years old”, while television is a 60-year-old industry.

Unsurprisingly, “games” remains the top category, accounting for 43 percent of app usage, although social networking also performs strongly at 26 percent.

According to figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US customer spent 72 minutes per day playing a game on any platform.

With Flurry’s data indicating that 55 minutes are spent using mobile games, this means that tablets and smartphones have “absorbed” 76 percent of the total gaming time.


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