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Zain seeks 5G contrast through content

13 OCT 2021

LIVE FROM HUAWEI GLOBAL MBB FORUM 2021, DUBAI: Zain Group CTO Nawaf Algharabally (pictured) outlined the need to bundle content into its 5G offering to differentiate the package from competitors and secure a premium.

Algharabally argued it is not enough for customers to purchase the best 5G device or data package, as the content consumed has a major impact on the overall user experience.

Zain’s 5G deployment enabled it to bundle handset, data plans and content into a unique offering, which he said attracted attention in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where it offers compatible services.

It achieved 90 per cent population coverage in the two countries, with ARPU now standing at more than $70.

With a lower cost per bit, the CTO said it can deliver more attractive offers.

Zain signed up nearly 450,000 5G customers in Saudi Arabia, with about 40 per cent of traffic running on the new network. Video now accounts for 70 per cent to 80 per cent of total data usage.

He said Zain fully acknowledged the complexity of serving the B2B market, with different challenges for each customer.

After analysing its capabilities to determine if it has the know-how to serve these customers, it decided to ensure it doesn’t offer the same standard services as its competitors.



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