LIVE FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WORLD, NICE: Pramod Misra, product lead for mobile analytics and data monetisation at Vodafone Idea (pictured), emphasised the need to identify a clear use case before adopting a big data platform, while offering advice on several major areas.

Based on an assessment of the activities of operators around the world, Misra said he had identified four high-level segments prime for early-stage data monetisation strategies.

Where regulations allow, these are: Mobile advertising; use of location information for promotions and modelling; credit scoring for developing markets; and micro-weather forecasting.

He added defining the use case and setting realistic ambitions were key before making large investments in big data platforms.

“One of the pitfalls I’ve seen with many telcos is the first thing you do if you want to do data monetisation is get a big data platform. Honestly, in my personal opinion this is not really needed. You need to have a clear use case.”

“As a telco we tend to get bogged down in the technologies,” he added. “Think: where is the starting point? You need to have goals and realistic expectations, both on the inside and outside of the company. You definitely need to collaborate with one partner on tech support and with an [enterprise] customer.”