Vodafone Group took the next step in a cloud migration strategy by commencing the transfer of key functions run on a SAP platform to Google Cloud.

In a blog, Google explained Vodafone’s SAP functions formed the backbone of its internal and external operations, covering its finance, procurement and human resources services.

The companies agreed a migration deal in 2021.

Google stated Vodafone had operated SAP in its premises for 15 years. The migration will take between two years and three years and is one of the largest and most complex shifts in the EMEA region.

The EVO2CLOUD project will employ Google Cloud AI and machine learning technologies to deliver data insights to Vodafone.

Ignacio Garcia, global data and analytics director at Vodafone, stated in a YouTube video there were four primary benefits: improved speed, technical simplicity, a better cost model and the sustainability of the operator’s energy resources.

He added the migration would also benefit projects requiring hardware provisioning by reducing the time taken from months to minutes.

“The migration into our overall data ecosystem will unlock a lot of value on process analysis, understanding bottlenecks and streamlining how we will run our business.”

Vodafone’s SAP migration is one of several collaborations with Google Cloud.