Verizon emphasised a renewed focus on serving customers and social responsibility as it kicked-off operations under a new corporate structure meant to maximise its 5G prospects.

In video message, CEO Hans Vestberg (pictured) said “Verizon 2.0” is aimed at creating a more “customer-centric” company, with business units better aligned to customer expectations. So, for example, all fixed and wireless consumer products will be offered from a consumer division, while all business solutions will be handled by a namesake unit.

Its network is also being virtualised in an effort to make it easier to upgrade, expand and personalise to meet customer needs.

But the CEO also said Verizon is working to transform its corporate culture and will move forward with increased attention on social responsibility. That will include small scale changes, such as encouraging employees to bring reusable water bottles to work, along with large decisions covering, for example, how it chooses vendors and suppliers.

“We will think about social responsibility in this new structure and how we as a company show up, and what we’re doing and how our strategy is impacting society.”

Verizon’s new divisions were formed at the start of 2019, but reporting using the structure is set to commence from the current calendar quarter onward.