Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg (pictured) told CNBC it was holding discussions with multiple potential content partners, as it seeks to continue employing exclusive consumer offers as a point of differentiation.

In an appearance on the news organisation’s Squawk Box programme during a media and technology event organised by investment bank Allen & Co, Vestberg said Verizon was attracting plenty of interest from content partners, touting this as evidence of the success of the operator’s current joint marketing agreements.

Verizon’s partners see value in the operator’s “direct-to-consumer arm”, Vestberg said.

The CEO added Verizon needs “the right type of content” with a strong brand value, adding it was in talks with “a lot of people” regarding potential deals.

Disney Plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Google Play are all Verizon content partners, as is Discovery Plus, which is set to merge with WarnerMedia in 2022.

For now, Vestberg sees Verizon as the preferred distribution channel for all its partners. “We are basically exclusive with all these”, he said.

Verizon typically ties content offerings to mobile tariffs, offering six months of free access to subscription services.

Vestberg said Verizon will be “very cautious” in choosing future partners to avoid overloading customers with “opportunities that they don’t use”.

The operator told Mobile World Live its Apple Arcade and Google Play deals could become more valuable as “developers realise the full potential of the network for massive multiplayer online games designed specifically for mobile”.