Verizon attempted to reverse a trend of mobile subscriber losses with a 30-day free trial on its 5G ultra-wideband network using eSIM, but with several caveats.

Consumers need to have unlocked, eSIM-enabled smartphones, with the offer not available to current Verizon customers or those on its Visible or Tracfone sub-brands. The trial is also limited to one time per year.

Those meeting the various criteria are being offered a temporary phone number linked to their existing digits, offering up to 100GB of 4G or 5G data, along with unlimited voice and SMS.

The Verizon trial works on a range of recent Apple, Samsung and Google smartphones.

Verizon is not alone in offering trials using eSIM, with AT&T providing a two-week pilot through its Cricket Wireless brand and T-Mobile US a three-month programme.

US operators have been slow to adopt eSIM, though are now picking up the pace, apparently spurred by Apple dropping traditional modules in its latest iPhone.

MVNO Mint Mobile this week launched eSIM tariffs through several large US retail chains.