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Verizon launches private MEC

18 OCT 2021

Verizon announced commercial availability of a private mobile edge computing (MEC) service, opening a fresh use case for its 5G network and deepening a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The operator is offering Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outposts for enterprises needing on-site compute, storage and connectivity.

Verizon and AWS announced the partnership in April.

The operator stated the edge product complements its OnSite 5G, which combines next-generation radios and LTE packet core technology on customer premises to increase enterprise bandwidth.

Corning Optical Communications is using Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outposts at a plant in North Carolina.

Autonomous mobile robots transmit sensor data to AWS servers, which process the information and send commands back.

Mike Bell, SVP and GM at Corning Optical Communications, explained in a video the company is “moving the computational power from the device to the edge, and that allows us to manage and process that data from multiple robots, multiple sensors and catch problems before they occur”.

In addition to AWS Outposts, Verizon is also deploying AWS Wavelength infrastructure in service aggregation points nationwide.



Martha DeGrasse

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