Verizon sought a further advancement in the use of mmWave spectrum for 5G, installing a compatible network at a GE Global Research testbed.

The operator told Mobile World Live the installation in Niskayuna, New York is not a private network, but rather an extension of Verizon’s public network. The collaboration involved the operator installing radio units and small cells at the facility.

Verizon explained GE Global Research will use the 5G network for its own tests, while also offering access to partners covering development of various services.

GE Global Research CTO Vic Abate stated the network provides the “speed, scale, reliability and flexibility to connect industrial devices in a truly transformative way”.

The company’s 5G mission lead SM Hasan added the next-generation connectivity opened doors to “AI and machine learning” along with “digital twins and autonomous technologies”. He cited use cases including “self driving cars and digital health, to more resilient, reliable energy grids”.

Verizon stated its 5G network will eventually be capable of connecting 1 million devices per square mile, offering ten-times the capacity of 4G.