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Verizon, Equinix automate enterprise cloud connections

13 AUG 2021

Verizon expanded a partnership with data centre giant Equinix to bolster its software-defined interconnect (SDI) product, a move meant to automate cloud connectivity for the operator’s enterprise and public sector customers.

The partnership will enable organisations to connect their multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and Ethernet-based networks to hundreds of cloud, infrastructure and service providers, Verizon stated.

Verizon’s arrangement with Equinix is an extension of the operator’s existing SDI service, which uses software to connect enterprise networks to colocation data centres.

It introduced the capability in 2019 to simplify data centre connections for corporate customers.

Verizon SDI customers can already connect to Equinix data centres within a day and will now be able to extend this to Ethernet Virtual Private Line (E-Line) and Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (E-LAN), services which connect Ethernet ports and customer end-points without dedicated hardware.

Massimo Peselli, SVP of global enterprise at Verizon Business, said the expansion will provide customers “the agility they need to meet their needs as they migrate to the cloud”.

He also noted ongoing demand for enterprise connectivity to the cloud from any location and device as organisations adopt 5G, which will provide access to real-time data analytics, AI, enhanced security, and AR and VR. Peselli explained this requires requiring “a flexible, programmable, scalable and reliable platform” delivering services in a “cloud-centric way”.

Bill Long, SVP of core product management at Equinix, added the expanded partnership helps the companies deliver “globally consistent” services, enabling enterprises to “securely connect their digital supply chain ecosystems including wireline, wireless 5G and public cloud networks”.

Verizon’s partnership with Equinix is part of a larger enterprise cloud service strategy.

The operator is adding AWS infrastructure to its service aggregation points and combined its on-site 5G Edge network with Microsoft Azure.



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