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Verizon delays return to offices

17 AUG 2021

Verizon told remote workers they will not be required to return to offices until 1 November, a two-month delay motivated by a nationwide increase in Covid-19 (coronavirus) infections in the US.

Employees cleared to attend the workplace are allowed to do so, but won’t be required to until November, chief administrative, legal and public policy officer and interim HR lead Craig Silliman declared in a video.

Verizon originally called for a return from 7 September.

Silliman said roughly 70,000 employees worldwide have been trained on a “new hybrid way of working” Verizon introduced earlier this year.

The November deadline applies only to US-based non-union workers classed as hybrid under the scheme. Silliman conveyed plans for international employees will be communicated on a country-by-country basis. Current agreements with unions for home workers run until 30 September, with future plans to be discussed.

Retail employees and office workers are also required to wear masks when near others, effective immediately.

Verizon is not mandating vaccines at this time, Silliman explained, adding the operator is “considering whether we may change that guidance”.



Martha DeGrasse

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