Verizon forges consumer data pact with ad company

Verizon forges consumer data pact with ad company

01 JUL 2021

Verizon moved to share consumer data with Catalina, an advertising company which delivers personalised data to brands, a move designed to help businesses target consumers without the use of cookies.

Catalina stated its platform is now interoperable with Verizon Media ConnectID, an opt-in system which collects data from mobile apps, search and email, along with owned and operated sites and apps.

Verizon Media claims to reach 148 million US users, more than the number it counts as mobile subscribers. Its demand side platforms, Verizon DSP, enable marketers to bid for and buy advertising, and track ad performance.

Brian Dunphy, SVP of channel sales and strategic partnerships at Catalina, stated the company expanded its relationship with Verizon to combat the loss of cookie data.

He said Verizon Media and Catalina are “uniquely positioned to drive performance and measurement in a consumer and privacy-centric way”, adding advertisers will seek out partners which can offer “scale and ethically-sourced data”.

Advertisers are set to lose much of the data they collect from cookies in the coming months. Google, for example, pledged to eliminate third-party cookies from Chrome, the world’s dominant internet browser, by 2023.

Ivan Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media, noted the industry needed systems to continue growth without cookies. The Catalina partnership “furthers advertiser and publisher resources” at a time of change in the industry, he explained.

The companies explained the tie-up will enable measurement of campaign performance at an individual level by delivering information on who viewed an advertisement and whether they proceeded to purchase a product.



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