Verizon launched a business unit dedicated to robotics, incorporating its 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) capabilities, as the US operator continues to expand its enterprise offering.

The US operator explained the Robotics Business Technology division will focus on helping enterprise customers efficiently deploy, manage and scale mixed fleets of aerial and ground robotics.

It will pay attention to providing connected robotics solutions to existing and future customers for indoor and outdoor use cases in manufacturing and logistics, commercial construction, oil and gas, energy and utilities, public sector and media.

The move come a few months after Verizon acquired Austria-based software company Incubed IT, which the operator said was aimed at broadening its range of 5G services for enterprise to include robot automation.

It will also use Skyward, Verizon’s drone management company.

Mariah Scott, head of the new division, explained enterprises in many industries are adopting drones and ground robots “to gather data, survey and monitor infrastructure and automate logistics operations”.

“By integrating these fleets with one operational platform and leveraging Verizon’s advanced connectivity solutions, businesses can speed-up time-to-insight, increase automation of their operations and deliver greater value.”

At the recent MWC21 Barcelona, Verizon chief strategy officer Rima Qureshi (pictured) also highlighted the role of 5G in robots and drones, two examples of use cases Verizon is focusing on.

In particular, she talked about how drones could improve safety during natural disasters, while robots could be deployed in a range of industrial applications.