Verizon made another move to accelerate its 5G rollout, partnering with software company Cellwize to launch a RAN platform which automates site design and enables vendor-neutral application development.

The operator said Cellwize’s CHIME system uses AI and machine learning to help determine the most efficient design for new cell sites based on the surrounding infrastructure. The architecture is determined by the primary use case, for example calling or messaging, along with the best means of delivering the fastest possible connection, among other considerations.

Verizon VP of planning Bill Stone (pictured) stated the platform also simplifies development of next-generation applications by providing a single vendor-neutral system: “Developers no longer have to learn individual [RAN] vendor codes, or keep up with changes in vendors’ distinct codes to develop for our network.”

The operator said the platform will benefit developers working on projects related to network automation; data analytics; capex modelling; network optimisation; and interference elimination.

Stone argued the work with Cellwize will provide “valuable insights” towards efforts to standardise a similar platform for the entire industry.

Last week the operator revealed it completed its first end-to-end data session trial of standalone 5G, bolstering plans to begin offering services by the end of this year.