Verizon continued a deployment of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength edge compute services, adding the capability to aggregation points in two more US cities, bringing its total to 19.

Verizon claimed 75 per cent of the US population was now within 150 miles of a Wavelength zone after deploying the service in Tampa Bay, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.

Mobile operators and cloud providers have partnered to deliver services and applications at the network to lower latency for applications including gaming, VR and autonomous vehicles.

The services are provisioned over 5G networks, while the cloud providers benefit from reaching customers through operators’ last mile connections.

Verizon teamed with AWS on mobile edge computing (MEC) in late 2019 and launched a private service in 2021.

AWS and the mobile operator announced a private MEC service last year.

Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business, last week told an industry event the operator had developed around ten use cases for public MEC, with the number set to grow once latency was less than 20 milliseconds.

Erwin added interest in private networking an MEC was growing as enterprises seek control of communications assets.