US chip companies warned the nation’s leadership on key technologies including 5G and 6G was at risk if the government failed to make significant investment in manufacturing and research.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) called on President Joe Biden to take “bold action” by providing grants or tax credits, claiming these would “allow more of the components fuelling US economic growth, jobs and infrastructure to be made here”.

It played up to national security concerns by arguing additional funding would help address such issues, adding it would also enhance “supply chain resilience”.

The heads of SIA member companies Broadcom, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm were among those pressing for action. The group argued subsidies and other incentives provided by overseas governments had played a key role in elevating global competitors and said US “technology leadership is at risk” as nations compete in next-generation mobile technologies, AI and quantum computing.

Last month, semiconductor industry group SEMI urged Biden’s administration to review restrictions on trade with China which it claimed threatened to harm US chipmakers’ global competitiveness.