Network testing company Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) reported 5G coverage in the US had hit 83 per cent of the population in urban areas, with overall usage increasing since 2021.

The research company stated 61 per cent of consumers accessed 5G services in 2022 compared with 43 per cent in 2021. In addition to hikes to coverage in urban areas, GWS noted growing availability in rural areas.

Coverage in suburban and rural areas each almost doubled since 2020, to 76 per cent and 65 per cent respectively.

GWS CEO Paul Carter welcomed improvements in previously uncovered areas, but noted there is more work to be done to cover all of the US.

The research group noted usage by those aged between 18 years and 24 years rose from 50 per cent in 2021 to 68 per cent and people over 55 years from 25 per cent to 46 per cent.

It stated 61 per cent of consumers who bought a new phone since 2021 opted for one with 5G access, with their average usage up 37 minutes per day to 312.