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UK peers eye ethical AI leadership role

16 APR 2018

Representatives from the UK’s House of Lords urged the adoption of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) code for companies operating in the sector, with the ultimate aim of making the principles the foundation of international standards for ethical AI.

A report issued today by a House of Lords Select Committee on the use of AI technology outlined key values experts want to turn into the basis for a national and international code of practice for companies using and developing AI technology.

Among the rules the group of politicians is promoting are that AI should be: developed for the common good; operate on principles of fairness; and not be used to diminish the data rights or privacy of individuals, families or communities.

The group added the power to “hurt, destroy or deceive human beings” should not be included in any AI technology.

Lord Clement-Jones, chairman of the committee said: “The UK has a unique opportunity to shape AI positively for the public’s benefit and to lead the international community in AI’s ethical development, rather than passively accept its consequences.”

“The UK contains leading AI companies, a dynamic academic research culture, and a vigorous start-up ecosystem, as well as a host of legal, ethical, financial and linguistic strengths. We should make the most of this environment, but it is essential that ethics take centre stage in AI’s development and use,” he added.


Chris Donkin

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