T-Mobile US upped its emergency services focus, pledging to prioritise calls and texts, and introducing more ruggedised devices to its portfolio.

Its pledge applies to agencies enrolled in the US government’s Wireless Priority Service (WPS), a programme backed by the big-three and some rural US operators, which grants emergency services first dibs to mobile networks during crises.

T-Mobile committed to ensure emergency services communications are put ahead of other network traffic, as it expanded a focus on the sector which in 2020 saw it make a ten-year commitment to provide free service and 5G access to the sector.

It also added ruggedised devices to its Connecting Heroes programme, offering a 5G router from Sierra Wireless and a pair of CAT-branded phones from Bullitt Group.

In addition to the free service pledge, T-Mobile plans to increase paid options with a trio of unlimited 5G plans and a free Samsung 5G device for new customers.