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TIP, WBA team on 6GHz Wi-Fi

17 NOV 2021

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) announced plans to work together on software for Wi-Fi devices, with a goal of automating frequency coordination so outdoor equipment can operate in the 6GHz band while protecting incumbent users.

WBA works to help mobile network operators integrate and provision Wi-Fi. It will participate in TIP’s Open AFC Software Group, which is working to develop a reference open source implementation of an automated frequency coordination (AFC) system.

The 6GHz band has been approved for Wi-Fi use by 41 countries, but frequency coordination is necessary to ensure outdoor devices do not disrupt the fixed microwave links already active in it.

These links are used by public safety systems, mobile network operators and utilities, often to backhaul sites lacking access to fibre.

The collaboration builds on a recent adoption of the WBA’s OpenRoaming standard by TIP. The system enables users to roam on Wi-Fi networks without logging in or supplying passwords.

In a statement, the organisations argued AFC will enable the benefits of OpenRoaming by making it easier to deploy outdoor access points in the 6GHz band, and complement TIP’s OpenWiFi initiative, designed to boost equipment interoperability through open source code.

WBA CEO Tiago Rodrigues stated AFC “will enhance Wi-Fi” connectivity and user experience in a range of locations.



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