Tigo trains teachers with UNICEF

Tigo trains teachers with UNICEF

10 NOV 2021

Operator Millicom is positioning its Tigo brand as a champion of digital learning, adding an education conference to an existing programme which provides teacher training and student access to digital learning platforms free of charge.

In partnership with UNICEF, Millicom is assembling education experts from five Latin American countries to discuss the ways digital tools can facilitate learning. The conference is called [email protected] [email protected] Congress and is part of a larger partnership between UNICEF and Tigo.

UNICEF stated its partnership with Tigo “addresses urgent issues”, and noted its goal is to “complement Tigo’s technical capabilities to help children learn and stay healthy and safe”.

Millicom reports the partnership has provided training for a quarter of a million teachers since 2018. The programme has provided services in nine Latin American countries.

Karim Lesina, Millicom EVP and chief external affairs officer, noted in a statement the upcoming conference is meant to consolidate progress made in the various regions, adding the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has created an even greater need for digital education and for teacher training.

Millicom, which is spinning off its infrastructure and mobile money operations, recently revealed plans to upgrade its networks in Honduras, Paraguay and Bolivia with the goal of extending coverage to an additional 2.5 million people.



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