Australian operator Telstra and Ericsson unveiled a tie-up designed to offer an edge cloud service for enterprises, a move the pair claimed will tap into the potential of 5G technology.

In a statement, Ericsson said it expected the new offering to be delivered “within months”, serving as a “catalyst for the development of a reusable and open framework”.

The partnership was tipped to enable seamless orchestration, network exposure and service assurance, facilitating consumption-based interfaces between cloud providers and the Telstra network.

Nikos Katinakis, Telstra Group head of networks and IT, expressed belief the move will serve as “a framework for us to bring the benefits of 5G to the hands of Australians”, while also opening the door for future use cases into industries such as agriculture and manufacturing.

“As the 5G rollout continues across Australia, harnessing edge computing will enable us to tap into the potential of 5G technology, ensuring that Australia and our customers remain at the cutting edge of mobile technology”, Katinakis pointed.

The collaboration follows an earlier move by the two companies to deploy a standalone (SA) 5G, following a RAN upgrade across the operator’s next-generation networks.