Ericsson and Telefonica Deutschland asserted a significant milestone in the development of cloud RAN in Europe, with a proof of concept of an enterprise application using the architecture and mmWave.

Announcing the results of the test at Telefonica’s innovation hub in Munich, the companies reported they achieved data rates of more than 4GB/s using the 26GHz range and a centralised control unit.

Ericsson stated it validated the feasibility of cloud RAN products for enterprise and specific industry use cases, alongside supporting fixed wireless access (FWA) deployments.

The use case tested was a so-called “data shower”, a concept intended to deliver software updates to vehicles on production lines over mmWave technology.

Ericsson head of consumer unit Western Europe Daniel Leimbach said the test was “a first for both companies in Europe and shows the potential of cloud RAN for high performance use cases”.

Telefonica Deutschland CTIO Mallik Rao said with “the introduction of a cloud-based, standardised architecture, we are able to respond quickly to customer needs, introduce new products and services even more flexibly and scale our O2 network better”.

He added with cloud RAN, the operator is able to combine open interfaces with “expertise and product quality” from its network partner.