Tele2 aims to create “a permanent shift in Dutch mobile data consumption” when it launches its LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network in the country tomorrow (12 November).

The network, which Tele2 said will be capable of speeds up to 225Mb/s, will now launch commercially, after the company began migrating existing customers to 4G earlier this year.

In a statement, Tele2 Netherlands said it has grown the network to reach 92 per cent of outdoor population coverage, two years after starting the roll-out, with plans for it to achieve nationwide footprint by the end of Q1 2016.

The company, which is aiming for revenue market share of 20 per cent, will offer between 1GB and 24GB bundles, with the latter costing €35 a month, allowing Dutch consumers to “drown themselves in data”.

“It’s time for the Dutch consumers to release the handbrake when it comes to mobile data usage,” said Tele2 Netherlands CEO Jeff Dodds (pictured).

“Over the last three years, price levels in the Netherlands have remained among the highest in Europe, and we’re here to shake up the market and start a data revolution,” he added.

The company, which operates LTE alongside a site agreement with T-Mobile in the Netherlands, said it wants to be the world’s first ‘4G only’ mobile provider, providing data and voice without the need for old 2G/3G technology.

T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom is reportedly considering the sale of its Netherlands unit, which could fetch up to €5 billion, with analysts putting the potential sale down to rising competition from Tele2, among other factors.

According to GSMA Intelligence, Tele2 has 850,000 mobile connections in the country, and is forecast to hit 1 million by 2018.