US inspection software provider Talon Aerolytics proclaimed itself ready to transform telecom tower asset management by employing AI to verify specific features, citing the potential for huge savings.

The company developed a system using machine learning and quality control processing functionality to overhaul the way tower assets are validated.

It stated the system provided 96 per cent accuracy in a project involving 30,000 sites, in turn resulting in “hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential savings”.

The system develops validation models by creating digital twins using drone or handheld photos, which are used to identify antennas, along with the make and type of radios.

A Talon Aerolytics representative said customers can use the set-up to ensure towers match designs, and reconcile or modify RF distribution systems.

Gary Menees, VP of sales and services, stated the company had launched “various iterations of AI tools since 2019”.

“Our focus is to transform asset inspections with an end-to-end AI system.”

Talon Aerolytics’ customers include Verizon, Nokia, Ericsson and T-Mobile US.