Operator T-Mobile US has extended its 5G fixed wireless home internet service to every US state except Alaska, the company told Mobile World Live.

The company offered its LTE fixed wireless pilot to 20 million households in 450 towns last October, in a move targeting internet subscribers who might be losing service in places where AT&T was discontinuing DSL home broadband service. The following month, T-Mobile US expanded the fixed wireless pilot to 130 additional cities and towns.

Then in April 2021, T-Mobile US officially launched T-Mobile Home Internet, offering fixed wireless access broadband for $60 per month (with autopay) and access to 5G speeds where available. The company said more than 30 million households were eligible for the service.

Now the operator is saying T-Mobile Home Internet with 5G is available in 49 US states. Its website lets users quickly check availability at any address, but in order to check, a user is required to enter a mobile phone number. This gives T-Mobile US an easy way to communicate with potential customers. Even if they live in an area not yet served by T-Mobile Home Internet, the operator could still share offers about its mobile service.

Jon Freier, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile US’ Consumer Group, said during the company’s most recent earnings call that one benefit of T-Mobile Home Internet is the chance to “attract customers that don’t have a wireless relationship with T-Mobile”.