LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2022: T-Mobile US president business group Callie Field made a major pitch around the 5G use case for enabling digital transformation, stating the operator was well positioned to break down existing barriers, untether US businesses from old solutions and help organisations thrive in a very difficult environment.

Field told the Keynote 1 audience that any disruptive revolutions and evolutions throughout history, when big moments of advancement happen, comes down to ensuring people and customers are at the centre, with solutions built around demands.

To that end, she explained that 5G in itself was built from the ground up with crucial elements like network architecture and security adapted around the solutions it was designed to deliver, meaning more flexibility for business adoption.

“5G was designed for a cloud-native approach right from the start. Businesses don’t have to be tethered to a technology choice of cloud or edge and can leverage 5G to move their data between the edge and the cloud as their business needs evolve,” she explained.

The edge
Essentially, Field emphasised T-Mobile’s belief that decisions don’t need to be centred around infrastructure, with 5G breaking down barriers around cost and even scale.

She said her team often faced queries from CIOs and business leaders about how they felt stuck and committed to old solutions, without an idea of what would be required to fully adopt a digital approach, whether they’d need to rip and replace legacy solutions and indeed, who would manage the process.

For Field, the shift to 5G-led disruptive solutions is key, particular on delivering on “increasingly high expectations of returns” and gives businesses “the edge to outpace your competitors”.

“I’m here to tell you that at T-Mobile, we are ready to untether American businesses and we are well positioned to do this,” she added.