T-Mobile US outlined plans to expand availability of fibre broadband into two cities in the state of Colorado, following-up on an initial launch in New York City in 2021.

The operator revealed it would launch FTTH service in Northglenn, Colorado in a tweet, with Reddit users also noting they had received offers for the city of Pueblo priced at $55 per month for data rates of 500Mb/s, along with a 1Gb/s service with no price specified.

A T-Mobile representative told Mobile World Live it plans to use Colorado-based Intrepid Fiber Networks for its next deployments.

On its Q4 2022 earnings call, CEO Mike Sievert said T-Mobile was considering whether to augment a 5G-based home broadband service with fibre, explaining if it does, “it would be because it’s a good business, not because we feel like there’s some flank that we have exposed that we need to protect”.

Bloomberg previously reported T-Mobile began evaluating options to create its own fibre network in 2022.