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T-Mobile claims 600MHz 5G video, data landmarks

07 JAN 2019

T-Mobile US claimed to have completed the world’s first 5G data call and video call using low-band 600MHz spectrum, in partnership with Intel and Ericsson.

In a statement, the operator, which has been pushing the benefits of using 600MHz for its 5G network since spending $8 billion on the spectrum in May 2017, said the development brings it a step closer to delivering nationwide 5G.

The trials were conducted on a live commercial network, said T-Mobile, and included both successful uplink and downlink communication.

During the tests, the company said it was able to generate a 5G signal capable of covering more than 1,000sq/m from a single tower.

As part of its ambition to deliver 5G on multiple spectrum bands for nationwide coverage, the company said it also conducted a tri-band 5G video call with users on 600MHz, 28GHz and 39GHz spectrum bands.

Indeed, providing 5G to customers on low-band, mid-band and mmWave spectrum has also been heavily pushed by both T-Mobile and Sprint to the country’s regulators, as they seek approval for a $26 billion merger.

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CEO John Legere said in the statement both feats were major accomplishments for CTO Neville Ray and his team, “who had a vision for nationwide 5G and are building it out the right way”.

“While the other guys focus on 5G millimetre wave on a handful of blocks in a handful of cities, we’re building 5G for everyone everywhere. And together with Sprint, we’ll add much-needed spectrum depth, creating a truly transformative 5G network.”

The 600MHz test calls follow the completion of a 5G data transmission using the low-band spectrum in November 2018 in partnership with Nokia.

At CES in Las Vegas this week, the company added it would demonstrate how low-band spectrum can penetrate physical barriers like windows and doors to provide deeper coverage.

T-Mobile is aiming to rollout nationwide 5G in 2020.



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