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Swisscom denies Fastweb sale to Vodafone

25 MAR 2014

Swisscom CFO Mario Rossi (pictured) has denied any intention to sell Italy’s Fastweb to Vodafone, despite the latter’s search for fixed-network assets in leading European markets.

Italy and the UK are the obvious holes in Vodafone’s footprint, as it looks to add TV and fixed-broadband presence in its leading mobile markets. It recently agreed to acquire Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion, following last year’s buy of Kabel Deutschland in Germany for €7.7 billion.

Rossi was interviewed in German publication Boersen-Zeitung.

He also mentioned Fastweb is expected to make a positive contribution to the Swiss operator’s free cashflow from 2015.

His comments chime with other recent coverage. Despite Vodafone’s need for fixed-network assets in Italy, Fastweb is moving off the target list because Swisscom has put an unrealistic price on its head, according to a recent report in the Financial Times.

In the UK, there have been unlikely rumours of Vodafone bidding for terrestrial broadcasters ITV and Channel 5, both denied by the company.

More likely is some kind of tie-up with satellite broadcaster BSkyB which is also a leading player in UK broadband. Sky is also a leading content partner for Vodafone’s 4G offering.


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