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Spectrum move tipped to speed 5G in Arab nations

20 DEC 2018

The Arab Spectrum Management Group pledged to release the entire 3.4GHz to 3.8GHz spectrum range for mobile broadband services across the 22 countries it represents, a move hailed for helping accelerate 5G rollout.

In addition to the common allocation across the region, the 3.3GHz to 3.4GHz range will be used for mobile broadband services in areas where the bands aren’t currently being used by other parties.

The policy was praised by mobile industry group the GSMA for helping “Arab Nations make the right moves for 5G leadership”.

Arab Spectrum Management Group chairman Tariq Al Awadhi said: “The 3GHz spectrum range is one of the first resources to be used by 5G all over the world. This will be an important backbone for next-generation services in Arab countries, allowing them to continue to play a leading role in developing 5G.”

GSMA head of spectrum Brett Tarnutzer added: “Taking the right steps to support the timely release of spectrum will ensure that Arab nations will be amongst the first in the world to offer 5G services.”

The Arab Spectrum Management Group represents the 22 states commonly referred to as the Arab nations. Several of these countries are already making huge strides towards 5G with early rollout already claimed by operators in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar during May.

Within the next two years all six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are expected to have 5G services available, a GSMA study released last month forecast.



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