SKT, Samsung, LG to interconnect smart home platforms

SKT, Samsung, LG to interconnect smart home platforms

07 SEP 2015

South Korea’s largest operator SK Telecom (SKT) is cooperating with local vendor giants Samsung and LG with the aim of seamlessly connecting their smart home platforms by the end of the year.

The goal is to enable consumers to control and monitor Samsung and LG smart home-capable products equipped with their own smart home capabilities via SKT’s Smart Home app. These connected products include refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, robot vacuum cleaners and ovens.

“We have a strategic plan to collaborate with diverse companies that have their own smart home platforms to maximise the effectiveness of customers’ use,” said Yoon C. Lee, head of sales & marketing at Samsung.

Samsung has said since January that 90 per cent of all its products will be Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2017, with the firm targeting 100 per cent connectivity by 2020.

Choi Seong-ho, head of LG’s Smart Business Centre, said it hopes this collaboration will become a role model for both electronics and telecoms companies to achieve mutual growth.

Since launching its Smart Home platform in May, SKT has been working with various partners to promote the growth and development of the smart home/home IoT market by creating an open ecosystem. To date, it has formed partnerships with more than 25 companies from different industries.

It plans to introduce at least 20 Smart Home-capable products this year and more than 30 by 2016.


Joseph Waring

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