SK Telecom CTO shares challenges of balancing big data with user privacy

SK Telecom CTO shares challenges of balancing big data with user privacy

24 AUG 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW: South Korea’s largest mobile operator SK Telecom is increasingly using data analytics to offer more personalised services to customers, but admits it has to be “very careful” about how it handles such sensitive information.

“We believe that customer log data and their usage patterns will give us better insight into customer needs and their behaviours,” SK Telecom CTO Alex Choi told Mobile World Live. “Then we can utilise that information to provide much more personalised services going forward.”

With many countries looking at reforming privacy regulations to better protect consumers, he noted that South Korea is also putting higher priority on privacy issues.

“But to be able to exploit this big data opportunity,” he argued, “it is inevitable for us to access that private data. So it’s going to be important to have a consensus between the customer community and the operator community, and also the regulators.”

To hear his views on the issue, including whether he feels customers trust telecom operators in South Korea, watch the full interview here.


Joseph Waring

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