Singapore-based StarHub’s mobile network delivered the fastest average download speeds in the citystate, while newcomer TPG Telecom’s users experienced the slowest download and upload rates by a large margin, data from network metrics company Opensignal showed.

StarHub’s network clocked an average download rate of 65.9Mb/s, 16.6 per cent faster than rival Singtel’s 56.5 Mb/s. M1 was third at 38.7Mb/s and TPG Telecom last at 19.2Mb/s.

The average upload speed ranking was led by Singtel and StarHub at 14.9Mb/s and 14.5Mb/s respectively, with M1 close behind at 14.2 Mb/s and TGP fourth at 4.2Mb/s.

StarHub also topped the games and video experience categories with ratings of 81.5 per cent and 67.1 per cent respectively. Singtel was a close second in the video category at 65.5 per cent. TGP was at the bottom of both.

Opensignal VP of analysis Ian Fogg told Mobile World Live the two factors behind TPG’s lower scores are fewer 4G base stations than rivals and users spending more time on sub-1GHz frequencies, which offer less capacity and reduced potential for carrier aggregation than higher bands.

All four players’ networks were available to subscribers 99.3 per cent to 99.5 per cent of the time. Availability shows the proportion of time users on an operator’s network had a 3G, 4G or 5G connection.

Fogg said ensuring users have access to mobile signals as much of the time as possible is relatively straightforward due to Singapore being a city-state rather than a country with a huge territory and many rural areas.

He added 4G LTE is still the most important network driving overall experience results in Singapore.

Opensignal collected data from subscribers between 1 February and 1 May.