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Sigfox pushes IoT solutions to the cloud

10 FEB 2021

Sigfox announced a move to migrate its infrastructure to Google Cloud as part of a bid to accelerate its global IoT strategy and aid a recent surge in messaging data coming from connected objects on its network.

In a statement, Sigfox positioned the move as a partnership involving its use of Google Cloud as the backbone for its network.

It expects this will enable faster improvements to connectivity, geolocation, and other services towards low-cost and -power IoT solutions.

Sigfox said the partnership would help it advance its “massive IoT agenda”, processing billions of messages monthly from connected objects using data stored in the cloud.

It explained it had seen an explosion in the number of internet connected devices in recent years, resulting in the number of messages coming through its network each month increase by 145 per cent in 2020, meaning it needed a more scalable long-term solution.

Shifting to Google Cloud will also “transform” many of the applications across the range of industries in which it operates, said Sigfox.

For example, its work with shipping companies using its smart trackers to give exact information on location, movement and condition would now be cloud enabled, providing a scalable and seamless way to manage exponential data growth.

Franck Siegel, deputy CEO at Sigfox, said it chose Google Cloud because the companies’ shared “the same appetite for driving digital transformation”.



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