Salesforce and US operator AT&T partnered to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in order to boost progress towards a net zero economy.

AT&T is in the process of integrating IoT sensor data into Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud in order to help businesses track and reduce their own emissions.

The data collected from IoT connected devices, such as heavy machinery and equipment, can be fed into the Net Zero Cloud to track and calculate the emissions.

AT&T will also tap into Net Zero Cloud for insights into its own global carbon emission goals.

Salesforce will take part in AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative (CCI) which includes the mobile operator’s goal of cutting its greenhouse gas emission by 1 gigaton by 2035.

AT&T has been working with business customers and non-profits to drive connectivity solutions that help reduce emissions since 2015. It has focused on verticals that have large carbon footprints, including manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

AT&T developed technology to better track, monitor, control and optimise heavy machinery and equipment, such as dozers, forklifts and cranes, to help companies manage their emission performances across a single view.

Mobile operators and industry organisations, such as the GSMA, have ramped up their net zero ambitions over the past few years.

In a recent report, the GSMA announced 49 operators representing 62 per cent of the mobile industry by revenue had committed to rapidly cutting emissions over the next decade, which was an increase of 18 operators since 2020.