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Qualcomm, Intel highlight 5G opportunities

22 OCT 2019

LIVE FROM ZTE WIRELESS USER CONGRESS AND 5G SUMMIT 2019, VIENNA: Qualcomm highlighted the importance of coverage to fuel adoption of 5G, noting consumers would be incentivised to purchase next-generation devices by broader availability of the technology.

Marco Paoluzi, technical director of product marketing (pictured), cited South Korea as an example, noting the rapid uptake of 5G services by consumers since operators lit networks in April.

The country passed the 3 million 5G subscriber mark in early September and is expected to hit 5 million by the year-end.

“While in Europe most areas have deployed maybe hundreds of sites, in Korea there are more than 80,000 base stations deployed. This means coverage and, thanks to coverage, consumers have started to immediately adopt and to buy 5G devices. This will be really the key”.

He said the next phase of 5G for 2020 for Qualcomm is “5G for all”, boosted by adoption of standalone specifications and mmWave.

Paoluzi noted 5G will “transform the mobile consumer experience”, with new, immersive, services using AR, among other technologies.

In an earlier session, rival chipmaker Intel also highlighted the potential benefits 5G will offer, though VP of sales and marketing Werner Schaefer noted no company could deliver this alone.

He highlighted Intel’s work with ZTE as an example, noting the pair focused on developing 5G use cases along with implementations in sports stadiums.

“With ZTE we share a common goal to accelerate the 5G implementation around the world. We are supporting ZTE anywhere around the world and specifically in the R&D environment”, he stated, adding Intel is operating in an “unprecedented and exciting environment”.



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