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Qualcomm feels sting of chip shortage

17 SEP 2021

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon (pictured) told Bloomberg supply shortages affecting the chip industry will start to resolve early in 2022, but continue to have a major impact on its business now.

The executive explained Qualcomm implemented a number of measures to stave off the shortages, which he noted spanned all of the company’s products and industrial sectors.

In addition to boosting its sources, Qualcomm expanded its capacity. Amon told the news outlet those measures should bear fruit from 2022, with the greatest impact in the back-end of the year.

In the smartphone space, Amon cited a strong relationship with Apple while highlighting strong competition as new players gain ground.

The CEO highlighted an opportunity in the automotive industry, telling Bloomberg Qualcomm had $10 billion worth of contracts, $1 billion of which had been booked as revenue.



Martha DeGrasse

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