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Orange Spain taps into the metaverse

13 SEP 2022

Orange Spain claimed to be the first company in the market to open a commercial space in the metaverse, advancing a broader move by its parent group to enable virtual commerce.

Material on Orange Spain’s website explains customers can access the metaverse store on PCs or using VR glasses at home or in its stores.

The virtual space offers access to a commercial area where products and services are displayed, a leisure area with competitions and games, and an amphitheatre for events.

Sales staff in the form of avatars are on hand to advise on products and services.

Orange Spain also indicated it will start selling new Meta Quest 2 VR devices after reaching an agreement with Meta Platforms.

Also on show in the metaverse store are products from Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Google.



Anne Morris

Anne Morris is a freelance journalist and contributes news and analysis to Mobile World Live.

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