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Oppo throws down fast charge gauntlet

01 MAR 2022

Oppo hailed a breakthrough in fast charging technology, unveiling a system it claimed could fully power a battery in 15 minutes without causing lasting damage.

The 150-Watt Supervooc features a system dubbed Battery Health Engine (BHE) which Oppo explained enabled batteries to retain 80 per cent of their original capacity after up to 1,600 flat-to-full charge cycles compared with around 800 on current units.

Oppo also presented a 240-Watt version of the flash charging system, claimed to brim a 4500mAh battery’s tank in around nine minutes.

The BHE combines a smart battery health algorithm which measures the electric potential of negative electrodes and adapts the current supplied to minimise harm to battery lithium levels.

This is combined with an electrolyte repair system the vendor explained prolongs lifespan by reducing wear and tear.

Oppo’s other big reveal was its latest customer premise equipment, the 5G CPE T2 hub, which features eight antennas, a Snapdragon X62 5G RF modem, offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and features more recycled materials than the vendor’s previous offerings.



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