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Nvidia suing Qualcomm in chip dispute – report

07 APR 2016

Nvidia wants damages from Qualcomm related to the market leader’s alleged behaviour in the mobile chip market, according to a Bloomberg report.

Nvidia said it was forced to wind-down its cellular silicon business, including the Icera unit it bought, as a result of “unlawful abuse of dominance”, according to documents released as part of a UK lawsuit.

This led to “unexplained delays in customer orders, reductions in demand volumes and contracts never being entered into, even after a customer or mobile network cooperating with a prospective customer has agreed or expressed a strong interest to purchase”.

Nvidia said last year that it would axe the business, having failed to find a buyer. It bought Icera in 2011, as part of a broader push into the mobile market.

ST-Ericsson was also active in the same market, but encountered a protracted demise.

Last year, the European Commission said that Qualcomm had paid a major customer to exclusively use its chipsets, selling products below cost, following an investigation into the company’s actions.

This included moves to force Icera out of play.

Qualcomm has also faced probes into its actions in markets including China, South Korea and Taiwan.


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