US vendor Cisco struck a private 5G network partnership with Japan-based NTT, seeking to drive adoption across the automotive, logistics, healthcare, retail and public sectors by their enterprise customers.

The companies are using NTT’s managed private 5G platform and Intel hardware to enable customers to integrate private 5G into their existing LAN, WAN and cloud infrastructure.

NTT will provide network infrastructure design, deployment, operations, use case development, device sourcing, compatibility and end-to-end testing across Cisco’s private 5G network platform.

The companies are targeting Industry 4.0 services including automated guided vehicles, connected PCs and machine vision for predictive maintenance.

They also plan to use NTT’s IoT platform to power computer vision for product quality analysis, predictive analytics for manufacturing equipment and autonomous vehicles for moving products around factories

Shahid Ahmed, group EVP for new ventures and innovation at NTT, stated the companies are well positioned to advance private 5G networks for enterprise customers with global footprints.