Nokia's HTC patent complaint dismissed by German court

Nokia’s HTC patent complaint dismissed by German court

11 MAR 2013

HTC has been cleared of infringing two patents held by Nokia by a German court, stating that it believes the recovering Finnish smartphone maker “exaggerated the scope of its patent in order to extract unwarranted licensing royalties from Android handset manufacturers”.

The District Court of Mannheim dismissed Nokia’s infringement complaint against the Taiwanese smartphone maker, concerning a patent named “Method for using services offered by a telecommunications network, a telecommunications system, and a terminal for it”.

HTC said it believes the ruling means Android is now safe from the “oppressive enforcement of this patent.” The court also awarded it legal costs.

HTC added that it believes the patent in question is invalid and will continue with invalidity actions pending before the English Patents Court and German Federal Patents Court. It expects it to be revoked before Nokia can appeal the decision.

“While Nokia will doubtless try to downplay the significance of this victory, the ‘120 patent is Nokia’s flagship patent, and appears to be one of the reasons that Apple was forced to settle with Nokia after it was asserted against Apple in the same court,” the company stated.

The same court dismissed another Nokia complaint regarding a patent for “Electronic Display Device and Lighting Control Method of Same”. HTC believes this patent is also invalid and will continue with invalidity actions in England and Germany.


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