Nokia partnered with Vodafone Business on the development of a new cloud-based converged billing platform to improve payment processes for new 5G services for enterprise clients, as the operator continues to expand its digital offerings.

The companies explained the platform is built on Nokia’s existing converged charging software which enables businesses and third-party developers to bundle and charge for digital services according to specific use cases and end-user needs.

Unlike legacy billing systems that use separate platforms to calculate pricing for calls, messaging, TV or data services, the new software integrates these platforms to identify pricing models based on “quality of service, location, dedicated network slices and specific application programmable interfaces”.

“As advanced 5G services start to become more widespread, our converged charging solution is very well-placed to help communication service providers and enterprises drive innovative 5G use cases and business models, and deliver significant operating efficiency improvements,” said SVP, business applications at Nokia Hamdy Farid.

Vodafone and Nokia added they will use standalone 5G networks and Multi-Access Edge Computing for the system, and the partners expect the integrated and flexible nature of the platform will accelerate 5G services across verticals.

For example, a motor manufacturer will be able to charge separately for in-vehicle infotainment, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, asset tracking or other services suited to customers’ needs through the platform.

“By leveraging the scale of our pan-European and African networks, we can help customers manage factory equipment, open developer marketplaces using our APIs, and enable enterprises to offer bespoke products to their own customers,” added Vodafone chief network officer Alberto Ripepi.