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Nokia bolsters security credentials

10 JUN 2019

Nokia announced an extension of its network security efforts, including an enhanced security programme to address the needs of 5G networks and opening a new test lab in the US.

Marcus Weldon, corporate CTO, said: “End-to-end 5G networks will fundamentally transform societies by providing ultra-high speed wireless connectivity allowing massive, low latency ultra-reliable streaming data that will drive intelligent automation for a wide array of infrastructure, industries and enterprises. But with great opportunity comes significant security risk that must be addressed end-to-end, using an array of novel techniques and technologies.”

The company said it has a long-standing commitment to creating secure products via its Design For Security (DFSEC) process. This is intended to ensure security is designed into every product from the start, undergoing rigorous testing prior to commercial release.

It new phase launched today, DFSEC 2.0, will build on this by focusing on additional verification work in the areas of end-to-end identity management; network slicing and SDN security; and virtualisation and OAM (operations, administration and maintenance), including patch management.

Nokia is also launching its Future X Security Lab, an extension of its existing Future X network workshop at the Bell Labs site in Murray Hill, New Jersey. It will be open to service providers and industries to enable joint testing and verification of industrial automation technology both in private local area networks and public wide area networks.



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