New Atlanta stadium puts mobile at the heart of build

New Atlanta stadium puts mobile at the heart of build

30 NOV 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW: AMB Sports & Entertainment (AMBSE) is building a new stadium in Atlanta where both its American Football team and its Major League Soccer team will play, and its CTO, Jared Miller, told Mobile World Live why he is part of the building process.

For one, the company is experimenting with personalisation through a partnership with IBM.

“Think of the experience of actually walking into a venue where we know who you are, we know your loyalty, we know your preferences and you do not necessarily have to take your phone out of your pocket,” he explained.

“Your phone may be the enabler, it’s that token that gives us that information.”

AMBSE may use this information for passive interaction or give users a nudge to take action.

Picture1Miller also believes sporting events are naturally social and people want to share their experiences, for which good connectivity is essential.

“If you look at the actual usage of bandwidth or connectivity in the stadium by fans, we’re kind of at a doubling pace every single year. It means we’ve got to be forecasting two, three, four years out in terms of where we expect demand to be, and how we plan our core infrastructure,” he said.

Many other venues around the world are struggling with this challenge and undergoing renovations, but part of Miller’s job is to ensure the Mercedes Benz stadium is built in a way that allows the company to easily expand and keep up with demand for connectivity over the years.

The stadium is set to open in early 2017.

Watch the full video interview – including footage of the new stadium design – here.


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