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Neuroelectrics chief explains remote health brainwave

12 JUL 2021

INTERVIEW: Theory around remote healthcare was turned into reality during MWC21 Barcelona as start-up Neuroelectrics demonstrated a wearable it believes holds the potential to revolutionise treatment of neurological conditions.

CEO Ana Maiques (pictured) explained the device features electrodes capable of monitoring brain activity or stimulating the organ using electrical currents.

This, the entrepreneur told Mobile World Live, offers the potential to offer non-invasive treatment of conditions including epilepsy, depression and Alzheimer’s “by injecting current into the brain”.

Trials showed the wearable could deliver a 47 per cent reduction in seizures among patients which had not responded to medication and for whom surgery was the only alternative.

“We are creating a whole new category of therapy which doesn’t exist today”.

Maiques highlighted the portability of the device means patients can be treated at home with personalised programmes, something “it has been impossible to do until now”.

Neuroelectrics aims to complete trials with 200 epileptic patients in the next 18 months and move swiftly to “make this technology accessible to millions”.

The company expects a monthly subscription model to ensure the treatments are “really affordable”, Maiques said, adding the wearable is reasonably priced in comparison to the cost of surgery.

Maiques also discussed the importance of regulation and getting the health industry on-board.

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