GSMA THRIVE EURASIA: CEO of Russia-focused operator MTS Group Alexey Kornya (pictured) labelled the use of open infrastructure in the supply chain as inevitable, as he also backed use of local technology to support 5G deployments.

Speaking during the first keynote, the executive said there had been a “significant shift in the paradigm” in the last 12 months relating to the use of open infrastructure, noting a year ago it had been just a buzzword.

“There are lots of voices underscoring how strong this trend is,” he added, noting Russian players had to “jump into that trend” due to the undeniable advantages offered by adopting open infrastructure.

Kornya noted the new requirements for safety and localisation in 5G-era Russia highlighted the principal role of open source technology.

Referring to global debates on vendor security and push towards use of domestic technologies, he noted: “We see that the supply chains, those vendors and technological connections established during previous generations [of mobile connectivity] are subject to change. This creates both challenges for everyone and new possibilities.”

He added MTS was actively investing in Russian companies focused on the use of open source technology to create local options.

The use of domestic equipment for operator 5G rollout is being strongly encouraged by authorities in Russia.