Edge computing company MobiledgeX claimed the latest version of its cloud platform would deliver a key advance by enabling software developers to write once and deploy everywhere.

The Deutsche Telekom-backed company stated version 3.1 of its edge-cloud platform will work with any standards-based set up, providing global compatibility for a customer list now comprised of 25 mobile operators and more than 200 software developers.

MobiledgeX claimed to be providing a “federated edge” which is a “major step” towards providing developers with “cloud-like deployment simplicity” on mobile networks.

SVP of product Michael Lochead explained there are interconnection challenges in global edge cloud deployments and MobiledgeX’s development immediately increased “the number of edge sites we can expose to developers”, in turn advancing revenue-generation efforts.

The company explained its set-up complies with GSMA standards, employing an east-west interface which is compatible with automated migration of back-end workloads across the various operator edge clouds.

It noted the approach should provide a consistent quality-of-experience to users of edge-native services.

In addition to Deutsche Telekom, MobiledgeX counts VMware and Samsung as backers.

It stated software developers on board so far span sectors including media, entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and retail.